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The joy of choosing luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl is a floor covering that offers a wealth of characteristics that are beneficial to nearly every homeowner. It's extremely durable, has magnificent aesthetics, and can even be waterproof, making it perfect for any room in your house. This affordable option fits comfortably in your budget as well.

For matching décor, your options are plentiful. But the same is true for a floor covering that matches your requirement for excessive durability. If this is your first time considering this product line, it’s well worth the time to learn a bit more about the materials.

Luxury vinyl flooring brings great satisfaction

The beautiful visual available in this vinyl flooring gives you both the wood and stone look options. With vinyl plank, your floors take on the appearance of solid hardwood floors, featuring a variety of species, stain colors, and finish types. Vinyl tile offers impressive products that look just like porcelain tile or natural stone varieties like granite and marble.

When it comes to performance, this floor covering provides a durable functionality through layers of support. At the top is a protective wear layer that protects against stains, scratches, and dings that can happen through the course of daily wear. With proper maintenance and care, you’ll see these floors that an average of 20 years or more, so you won’t have to replace them any time soon.
This material offers quick and easy installation, and in most cases, you’ll be able to walk on your new floors right away. Depending on the installation method chosen and the number of rooms you have to floor, you could be enjoying them in just a few hours. For specific information about this product line and its installation, be sure to drop by for all the answers.

A luxury vinyl flooring headquarters for your needs

When you need luxury vinyl in Sturgis, MI, feel free to visit Red Rose Flooring at our Sturgis, MI showroom. From there, we proudly serve Sturgis and all the communities of St Joseph County, as well as LaGrange and Branch counties. We offer excellent materials, helpful services, and associates who strive to make sure your flooring experience is satisfactory. When you’re ready for vinyl flooring, visit us and see what we have to offer.